Once my teacher of costumes said to me, "Looking at your colorful, elegant stylization I think you'll be once a dandy in Polish fashion industry." More and more I'm to agree with it.
Dandies style is definitely my favourite. My wardrobe is diverse, eclectic, but with extravagance and colors which I identify the most. Then I feel more confident, happier and fulfilled. I feel like myself.

But now you must turn for the secunde to the true nature colorful men. The origins date back to the nineteenth century dandies. Dandyism is not only exaggerated care for the perfect dress and matching colors, but most of all a way of being. Nonchalance, extravagance and elegance in behavior. When other people dressed to live, dandies  live to  dress. Today dandies can be found in different countries. However, the greatest number of inhabited areas of the Congo. Colorful suits, shirts, hats, ties and dress shoes. Hence, my strong interest in street fashion in Africa.

In my today's styling violin plays great, double-breasted jacket. It combines all the most important things. Colors, patterned fabric and splendor. It reminds me a bit of Versace style. It comes from the company's Condom Brothers, whose clothes you can buy in America, Asia, and also in Poland. I listed up with a wide bottom. I chose bells in edge-colored bottle green. I never thought that the bells again be hosted in my closet after 10 years. The golden rule is: "Never say never!" :) I chose awesome and unique bag with a paisley pattern, which could not fail to styling straight real dandy!



The suit for many people is only associated with men's formal clothing which is designed only for stiffs. Nothing could be further from the truth. Suit is a synonim of masculinity, class and elegance! Its origins go back to the early years of the twentieth century and it was mainly used for the informal meetings. Men were wearing frock coats and overcoats for the most important party.

Today, the suit has taken a new character. It became an inherent element of every genuine man's wardrobe. In the market we can find not only formal suits, but also everyday's and more sporty. The biggest fans of suits are the Italians. Not without a reason. It turns out that Italian tailors are masters of sewing the costumes. So I love Italian style very much. A 90% of my wardrobe is made up of a large number of shirts and jackets. The jackets are ideal for every day and multifunctional. You can put it on to work, for a walk or to a party in the club. Everything depends on our creativity.

Today I chose sapphire and sporty suit from Bytom brand. I wanted my styling to be elegant, but not conservative . So I had to use extravagant accesories. I mean a beautiful necklace, earring with fringe and a red polka-dot socks. Of course, I have taken care of a coherent whole, hence the blue hat, painted shoes and tuxedo belt .
In this styling, you can see the very unique bag made ​​of Italian leather by Fidler brand  which paid attention of Antonio de Amico (soon more details). The sunglasses comes from well-known Cazal company, which biggest fans are rap stars  including Kanye West and Jay -Z. They occupy a special place in my entire collection of sunglasses. 
I like today's styling. Not only because of its elegance, but mainly refinement. It refers to the Italian style  and I myself feel very confident in it. Therefore, in this season I will choose classic cuts of clothes and greater elegance. 



Tomaotomo is a fashion brand tailored for a perfect world for self-confident women. It is created by Tomasz Olejniczak – the gifted designer from Poznań, who understands the nature of women very well. I am following his achievements from the very beginning of his career. I have always known that Tomasz had a great potential, which would slowly evolve into his new perfect collection. The designer repeatedly presented his collections at Fashion Week Poland in Łódź. This time he showed his first independent fashion show  in Soho Factory in Warsaw. Until the very moment I was thinking what I would see during the show.. His previous collections emphasized feminine silhouette very consistently, which were definitely designed for strong women. Those collections were good, but fairly predictable.



I have always been the greatest enemy of black color. At now this is the moment in which I decided to rebel a bit and I want to see if it is good for me. I got some time ago an awesome jacket with skirt from the Polish designer Ewa Szabatin. I was thinking about it for very long time. My dilemma was huge because I'm obsessed with the color and style of dandies.

I put on the very powerful styling ! The jacket and skirt are mixed with heavy boots and a great jacket from MMC Studio brand. The coat is oversize, because my silhouette is proportional thanks to a deep black. The whole styling is black & white, only socks and clutch bring some confusion. Shirt with black piping adds some elegant character, but it's only appearances. Despite the subdued color this styling is not obvious (so boring). Extravagant wins in the end - I like it! Of course, I would not be myself if I forgot about futuristic accessories. This time that role was played by the watch and bracelet.

With this styling I know that black does not have to be trivial. The devil is in fact how we treat it, whether we play with form of clothes  or additives. I never thought that black color would dominate the whole styling. Apparently I like to surprise myself! I am glad that my choice of outfit did not lost my spirit. Like my the fashion idol - Marc Jacobs, I think that it is worth playing with fashion and be open to different styles. I hope that you agree with me :)



I do not like routine. I'm the type of person who likes change and loves to take risks. So it is with my stylings. I love the saturated colors, I have dandy's wardrobe, but sometimes I am a kind of a rebel. Of course, this is also due to the fact that I like heavy rhythms and the music of The Rolling Stones flows in my veins. Well, you can see it in my today's styling, which I had during the first day of Fashion Week Poland SS2014. Definitely, there is no place for the lush colors and polite additives, and looking at the jacket, you can not deny it!
I remember moment when I watched the Burberry collection for seasson spring/summer 2011 and I saw beautiful biker jacket with spikes. I started to believe that one day something similar will be on my shoulders. You have to believe me! This is due to the company "Kocham Ostre Ćwieki". I love my new awesome leather jacket. Despite the large weight, ramones always have a special place in my wardrobe.

The whole styling is carefully thought out. Black and white leggings with shirt are perfect duet. Boots, plaid shirt and lenon glasses are an expression of the love of rock'n'roll. Futuristic accesories or earrings and bracelets add a more of contemporary character for styling. Cap is intended to show everyone who I am! Sequin, perfectly reflects the light in the Warsaw underground.

Be flexible in your styling because it is an expression of good style.

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