I have always been the greatest enemy of black color. At now this is the moment in which I decided to rebel a bit and I want to see if it is good for me. I got some time ago an awesome jacket with skirt from the Polish designer Ewa Szabatin. I was thinking about it for very long time. My dilemma was huge because I'm obsessed with the color and style of dandies.

I put on the very powerful styling ! The jacket and skirt are mixed with heavy boots and a great jacket from MMC Studio brand. The coat is oversize, because my silhouette is proportional thanks to a deep black. The whole styling is black & white, only socks and clutch bring some confusion. Shirt with black piping adds some elegant character, but it's only appearances. Despite the subdued color this styling is not obvious (so boring). Extravagant wins in the end - I like it! Of course, I would not be myself if I forgot about futuristic accessories. This time that role was played by the watch and bracelet.

With this styling I know that black does not have to be trivial. The devil is in fact how we treat it, whether we play with form of clothes  or additives. I never thought that black color would dominate the whole styling. Apparently I like to surprise myself! I am glad that my choice of outfit did not lost my spirit. Like my the fashion idol - Marc Jacobs, I think that it is worth playing with fashion and be open to different styles. I hope that you agree with me :)



I do not like routine. I'm the type of person who likes change and loves to take risks. So it is with my stylings. I love the saturated colors, I have dandy's wardrobe, but sometimes I am a kind of a rebel. Of course, this is also due to the fact that I like heavy rhythms and the music of The Rolling Stones flows in my veins. Well, you can see it in my today's styling, which I had during the first day of Fashion Week Poland SS2014. Definitely, there is no place for the lush colors and polite additives, and looking at the jacket, you can not deny it!
I remember moment when I watched the Burberry collection for seasson spring/summer 2011 and I saw beautiful biker jacket with spikes. I started to believe that one day something similar will be on my shoulders. You have to believe me! This is due to the company "Kocham Ostre Ćwieki". I love my new awesome leather jacket. Despite the large weight, ramones always have a special place in my wardrobe.

The whole styling is carefully thought out. Black and white leggings with shirt are perfect duet. Boots, plaid shirt and lenon glasses are an expression of the love of rock'n'roll. Futuristic accesories or earrings and bracelets add a more of contemporary character for styling. Cap is intended to show everyone who I am! Sequin, perfectly reflects the light in the Warsaw underground.

Be flexible in your styling because it is an expression of good style.



Sale season continues!

This is the right time in which you can buy awesome dress or shoes of your dream at great price.
We know that sometimes we are crazy while doing shopping. It is not a sin, but only when we buy the good quality clothes that will be usued for several seasons. However, in order not to error, which may affect your credit card, I recommend you read the new article in the weekly magazine 'Wysokie Obcasy'. You'll find there, among others, my pieces of advice and insights that will certainly be useful for you. You will also learn what are my greatest clothes I have bought in the current sales season!

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Enjoy your reading and smart shopping!



From Wednesday (9th January) you can buy the latest February edition of Elle Poland magazine. This is a unique edition for me, because I contributed to it. I had the pleasure to assist Head of the Department of Fashion - Ina Lekiewicz with photo session. I am very pleased that the editors of the prestigious magazine entrusted me and let get involved in styling session's for the Elle cover. Ola Rudnicka is heroine in this issue - top model from Model Plus agency, who walks the catwalk for the top designer (the last season could be seen on the catwalk at Louis Vuitton , Prada, Celine and Miu Miu ). For the brand Miu Miu, Ola closed the show - this is very important because closing the show is a great honor for a model.
As for my contribution to the session - I had to get the clothes from designers for the session and there were over 150 ! Leitmotif images were mainly pastel colors, oversize forms and geometric cuts . There were clothes from international designer tickets like dress on the cover of Stella MacCartney, and Polish like Mariusz Przybylski, Joanna Klimas , Bohoboco or MMC . Unpacking clothes in the studio required a lot of time. The entire session lasted 12 hours, even though everyone was happy with results of shooting - in addition , it was fun , tasty and danceable ! Ola is a great girl who behaves incredibly in front of the camera. You can certainly call it professional and working with her is a pleasure. In addition , I prepared for you photos from backstage of session, as well as short videos , which you can also see on my Instagram(here). I shall conclude that the year 2014 began favorably for me and it is nice to see one's name in the magazine Elle Poland . Have a fun with viewing photos and you must buy the latest Elle magazine, you will not regret it! :)



Paris has always been on my list of cities that I would like to visit - maybe it's a matter of French music that I so often heard in my house and language that my brother was learning. When I won the PUMA contest and photo session of my dreams, I could choose the city anywhere in Europe where the session would take place. I knew that Paris was for me and finally my dreams came true!
I was nervous many weeks before my departure to Paris. I wanted the session for PUMA to be the most professional. On the day of departure in late August, there was a heavy rain at the airport. Despite the early hour, I was very, very excited, differing in this respect from the majority of sleepy passengers. Once I sat down in the plane's chair, I knew I was not dreaming!

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