Wedding's Styling is a demanding story. Especially when your siblings gets marry. What can you do to not look like another wedding guest in sad suit, and yet not outshine the bridegroom?
Amazingly, the preparation of my styling lasted only a few days. I set for classic and elegant design. I gave up my beloved patterns, and also very saturated colors. In spite of my limitations, I believe that the styling is very much in my extravagant style!

I am not a fan of the obvious solutions when it comes to clothing. A dark suit and white shirt is not satisfactory for me. That's why I chose black wool trousers with an interesting stripe, which joined with cream-colored jacket. Most of the styling like the shirt. Apparently white, classic, but with sequin accents on the front. It fitted to a tuxedo very well, but in this set it adds character and modern elegance.



A few days ago I had the opportunity to appear in the program "Pytanie na śniadanie" in the Polish television TVP. This time I was a specialist in sales in the shopping centers. As you know I am very experienced as I work as a personal shopper. I know where and when is the best to buy and what to pay attention. A year ago, I was interviewed for the magazine „Wysokie Obcasy", which also was related to the same topic.

I was very happy when I got the call and I was invited to the TV program. I love such situations! I am a talker, a performance on TV for me is not to just another valuable experience but also to do this it is a chance tomeet new people with my crazy and colorful personality. If someone had of you not not see yet this opportunity to invite the interview HERE.

The recording was at 8:06. Imagine what time I had to get up. Well... that was in the middle of the night but it was worth it! Of course, I had the time before recording for a cup of coffee at a time when makeup artist did improve my face!. I must admit that I was a bit stressed, which for me was disturbing. When I sat on the comfortable couch in studio, I have empitness in my head. Okay! Fortunately, it lasted for about 5 seconds, so quickly I came to do myself.

During the talks he accompanied me fashioblogger Anna Skóra, known more as „What Anna Wears”.
The conversation with the program's presenters went very nice and very FAST! The atmosphere before and during the recordings was outstanding. But it was mostly due to Łukasz Nowicki, whos sense of humor I like so much

I invite you to photos from my participation on TV and see you soon on a glass screen :)



Urban elegance in a slightly more sporty version. In this way you can charaterize my today's styling. This set is unusual for me. I chose sweatpants, in which for the first time I went out into the street. The first and not the last one. I did not think I would feel so well in it. Convenient, simple, and yet interesting! Of course, I could have not missed the extravagant accessories, I mean my awesome silver bag, which glows in the dark.

This is not styling for people loving sports style. This set will fit someone, who knows the principles of elegance, classics are no strangers for her/him, and yet he likes to mix and match different styles. That's why I put on 4 colors that harmonize it perfectly with each other. Speaking of red and burgundy, combined with white and black. I chose wool coat, which joined the cashmere sweater in the same color. In the foreground, a cotton scarf with stripes that are very fashionable in this season. I never thought that white color in so well with the burgundy. Well. Better late than never :)

White sneakers from Diesel. Classic itself. Usually suitable for everyone and perfectly suited every day. Tourists and active people love them. Comfort wins despite all contrary to the opinion of Anna Dello Russo :)

In the styling could not miss sunglasses. The choice fell on black, matte frames from special collection by Alexander Wang for H&M.
Here is my interpretation of sporty elegance. Another experiment proved to be a hit!
Have fun with fashion! I would heartily recommend.



Today I would like to present the effects of photoshooting which was styled by me. This appeared recently in the famous Polish magazine "Fashion Magazine". This is the first publication of my session in this magazine! I am glad that my next goal was achieved! Session was very special for me because the main model was the participant of the program "Top Model", which has been more and more successful, not only in Poland. The preparation for the stylings required my strong personal and conceptual commitment. What's more is that the session was an introduction to an article about androgenic models. That is why I chose modern clothes in a simple form, in subdued colors that highlighted the beauty of a very interesting model.
I invite you to look at the photos, as well as relationships with backstage session not only portrayed on film!



Druga edycja programu "Project Runway" dobiegła końca. Niezwykle emocjonująca,  z bardzo uzdolnionymi uczestnikami, którzy są nadzieją, wielką nadzieją na rozwój polskiego rynku mody. Polska moda rozwija się bardzo powoli. Wszelkie wykraczanie poza schematy i konwenanse kończy się najczęściej krytyką lub niezrozumieniem. Moda jest formą sztuki, która musi ewoluować. Czasami mam wrażenie, że niektórym polskim projektantom brakuje wyobraźni, a ich kolekcje przestają nas zaskakiwać. Są dobrze sprzedażowe, ale mało nowatorskie. Dla mnie takie osoby jak Michał, Patryk czy Ania są wielką inspiracją. W ich projektach widzę pomysł, świeżość i olbrzymi artyzm. Kolekcje, które zaprezentowali w finałowym odcinku są świetne. Oczywiście jedne projekty podobają mi się bardziej, inne mniej, jednak wszystkie wywołują we mnie jakieś emocje i nie widzę kolejnej smutnej sukienki uszytej z jedwabiu. To nie jest takie proste, zważywszy na fakt, że mieli tylko miesiąc na stworzenie finałowej kolekcji składającej się z 10 sylwetek. Niewiele czasu, a mimo tego finałowa trójka poradziła sobie z zadaniem znakomicie.

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